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What are the types of velvet fabrics

Update:01 Apr 2021

The velvet fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarn […]

The velvet fabrics are made of high-quality cotton yarn with more than high matching, mainly including plain color, printing, jacquard and drawing, yarn-dyed and burnt-out series. The raw materials are all 80 cotton/20 polyester, 65T/35C, 80 polyester/20 cotton, bamboo fiber cotton velvet and so on.
Velvet fabric types
(1) CVC80/20 velvet-----The semi-finished product of the 32S+100D grey fabric just off the machine is about CVC80/20, but the final product after dyeing and finishing is only about CVC68/32----CVC72/28. Because in the middle of the shearing process, all the cotton loops are cut.
1. The general pile height is between 2.5MM-3.0MM. The hair is too low, it is not easy to cut the hair, and the loss is large; the hair is too high, the shearing loss is large, and the pile is not easy to stand upright.
2. Some companies require the twist direction of the terry yarn and the ground yarn to be opposite to improve the weft skew. But according to 3Z, it is not too important, because the elasticity and organizational behavior of velvet are the decisive factor for the ground yarn. The ground yarn is polyester, it is easy to overcome the weft skew when setting the shape. And generally reverse
There are fewer charter routes. The 48 routes and 44 routes with 30" latitude are not obvious, and the 42 routes with 26" are more common.
(2) some special velvet
1. The R/C/T velvet developed by 3Z in 2003, using R/C blended yarn, the suede feel and color are particularly beautiful. There are also a small amount of suede ingredients on the market that are cotton/modal, cotton/bamboo fiber , Cotton/tencel, cotton/soybean fiber and other fabrics to make high-end products.
2. Generally lighter colors are mostly single-dyed cotton, medium-dark double-dyed cotton and polyester. There are also velvet with floral gray yarn. Or CVC cotton yarn with double-dyed imitating color cloud yarn effect, yarn-dyed velvet, etc. Velvet is added during finishing. Brightener, make the suede have a better luster
3. The main factories of large loop color striped velvet and jacquard velvet are concentrated in Changzhou, Xuzhou, Suzhou and other places.
4.Using the needle of the second track, you can weave a fabric with a terry effect on the front and the back, called velvet velvet.
5. The jacquard velvet application mechanical or computer jacquard loop can show the three-dimensional effect of the jacquard loop:
6. Two-position terry---A terry, no terry
7. Three-function terry---A terry, B terry, no terry. Cut off the highest terry A when shearing, and the fabric presents three effects of velvet, loop, and hollow.
8. Stretch velvet
(3) Chemical fiber velvet
1. Dense velvet---terry is FDY polyester yarn, ground yarn DTY polyester yarn. The grey fabric is open-width cut and dyed after pre-designing. Some of them are combed once after dyeing. The velvet feel is better, but more loss will be added. There are also dense velvet varieties with spandex;
2. There is a variety of steamed yarn treated with polyester, which is called steamed yarn velvet.
3. No downfall---a variety with spandex. The down basically stands upright on the ground cloth, and the suede is quickly restored by pressing the suede by hand.
4. Diamond velvet---Terry is FDY shiny polyester silk, ground silk DTY polyester silk. Almost all shearing fabrics are the easiest to make. The grey fabric is cut and dyed directly after shearing. The slight horizontal and vertical stripes during weaving are concealed after the finished product, and a small amount of unclear shearing will increase the gloss of the entire surface (communicating with some inexperienced and rigid QC At that time, it often takes a lot of words to explain, depressed), anyway, the suede is messy.
5.Ice flower velvet---the sister of diamond velvet, mainly because of the slightly different dyeing process.
6.Golden diamond velvet---a thicker shearing variety with spandex, the suede is messy and shiny, similar to warp knitted rich velvet.
7. Burnt-out velvet---terry is made of rayon (or cotton yarn), the ground yarn is polyester yarn, and the rayon is made of burnt-out patterns. It is slightly more difficult to add spandex to the ground yarn;
8. Different regions have different names for fabrics, such as four-sided elastic but not inverted velvet, square velvet, electronic velvet, etc.

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