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The difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics

Update:09 Apr 2021

Many people in life may not know the difference between […]

Many people in life may not know the difference between knitted and woven fabrics, but understanding these may have a great impact on our lives. Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics have obvious differences in the production process, and different methods will naturally bring different effects. The characteristics of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics are also agreed to be different. Most people may not pay much attention to whether the fabric is knitted or woven. In fact, there is a big difference between knitted fabrics and woven fabrics. If we observe carefully and have a certain understanding of these fabrics, we can find the difference. Perhaps this will have a certain impact on our lives.

To understand the difference between the two, one should understand the basic procedures of the two. Knitted fabric is a kind of fabric formed by bending the yarns into loops in sequence, and then the loops are intertwined with each other. And according to the different directions of the stitch weaving can be classified. The horizontal direction is called weft-knitted fabric, and the vertical one is called warp-knitted fabric. The woven fabric is a fabric formed by vertically interweaving two or more than two sets of vertical yarns through a shuttle machine. Yarns in different directions can be divided into different types, the transverse direction is called weft yarn, and the longitudinal direction is called warp yarn. The basic unit of knitted fabric is the loop, and the basic unit of woven fabric is the point of organization where the warp and weft intersect.
Next, we should talk about the different characteristics of knitted and woven weaves. The knitted fabric is formed by hole-shaped loops, which has better air permeability, more uniform extension in all directions, better elasticity, and softer feel. The height and width of the coil can be converted between each other, so its extensibility is better. In addition, knitted fabrics are more comfortable to wear on the body, will not feel restrained and tight, and can fully reflect the curvaceous beauty of the human body. The woven fabric is lighter, the relationship between the extension and contraction of the weft is not big, and there is no conversion, and the extensibility is relatively poor. This fabric is generally denser and harder, not as soft as knitted. Woven fabrics are relatively strong and wear-resistant, and are produced in large quantities in clothing and other aspects.
Knitted and woven fabrics are obviously different, with obvious differences in manufacturing processes and fabric characteristics, and each has different uses. I believe the above introduction can help us understand knitted and woven fabrics.

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