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The difference between jacquard fabric and printed fabric

Update:25 Mar 2021

  Jacquard fabrics and printed fabrics are complet […]


Jacquard fabrics and printed fabrics are completely different in craftsmanship. Jacquard weaves patterns while weaving, while printed fabrics are weaving the cloth first and then select the pattern to be printed on.
The difference between jacquard fabric and printed fabric
Many people confuse jacquard fabrics with printed fabrics, but in fact they are not the same.
Jacquard is a machine that uses different processes to make the fabric have different stripes, form patterns, and have a sense of convexity and concave. After the fabric is formed, you cannot choose the flower; the printed fabric is printed after the cloth is woven, and there are many choices of colors. So there is a fundamental difference between the two.
Jacquard is better, but the relative cost is also higher. Generally, the jacquard on the market is relatively high-end, and the price is naturally higher.
Jacquard is woven in the process of weaving, and printing is to print different patterns on white or colored cloth. Generally speaking, the front and back of the jacquard are regular and neat, while the back of the print will have a different color from the front. The printed lining is flat, with clear patterns on the front and fuzzy on the back. The jacquard lining patterns are more three-dimensional, which will increase the thickness of the fabric.
Jacquard fabric cleaning method
1. Soak in cold water for five or six minutes, not more than 10 minutes. In addition, it is easy to fade, do not put it together with other easily dyed clothes soak. Then use washing powder or soap to gently rub and wash. Be careful not to pour too much washing powder, it will be fine if there are some bubbles.
2. After washing, do not rub dry hard, you can gently press the water, then shake it to dry, this is to avoid wrinkles destroying the beauty of the clothes; be careful not to expose the jacquard cotton to direct sunlight, it should be placed in a cool and ventilated area Let dry naturally.
3. After the clothes are dried, they need to be maintained. You can choose the ironing method. The temperature should be controlled here. It should not be too high. It should be about 150 degrees. At the same time, be careful not to press on the silk surface during operation. , So as not to appear aurora. When storing it, it should be hung on a hanger to keep it in shape, so as to prevent mildew or bacteria.

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