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Why sometimes the weight of woolen fabric is insufficient

Update:12 Dec 2020

In fabrics, different fabrics have different thicknesse […]

In fabrics, different fabrics have different thicknesses, but the thickness of the fabrics is difficult to measure. Therefore, if we want to know the thickness of the fabric, we can understand another index to understand the thickness of the fabric, that is, the weight of the fabric, the thickness of the fabric The thicker it is, the higher its weight. Therefore, the fabric weight has become an important indicator. It can help us distinguish the thickness of the fabric. And how is the weight defined? The definition of gram weight generally refers to the number of grams of fabric weight in square meters.
So why sometimes the weight of woolen fabric is insufficient? There are many reasons, but here are a few of them that have a greater impact.

1. Sometimes we choose a small piece of fabric to measure its weight, but for the same piece of cloth, the weight of the fabric in the middle is different from the weight of the fabric on the edges. It is light in the middle and heavy on both sides. This leads to different weights in grams, so the weight of the fabric is wrong, and the position of the grams may be wrong.

2. When the raw material is spinning, it chooses the wrong yarn. The same yarn is thick and thin. Sometimes if the yarn used is relatively thin, a small amount of yarn weight has a great influence, and finally it may cause its weight. The weight is not enough.

3. The fabric has relatively large abrasion during the weaving process, and a lot of fabric hairiness and filaments are lost, resulting in a large reduction in the original enough fabric weight.The fabric has been sanded, fleece and other processes that have a large loss on the fabric, resulting in the fabric yarn becoming slender, and the cloth surface will be partially damaged.

4. After the fabric is processed, there is a moisture regain. The specification of the fabric generally refers to the weight under the standard moisture regain. If the moisture regain of the fabric is not enough, it will lead to the insufficient weight of the fabric. Natural fibers such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, etc. are the ones that eat the most moisture regain. Without sufficient moisture regain, the fabric weight will have a big deviation.

5. Of course, there is also a specification error, or it is not produced according to the specification, cut corners, resulting in insufficient fabric weight. The fabric weight deviation above is about 10 grams, and if it is more than 10 grams, it may not be Specifications are produced. Insufficient warp and weft density of the fabric will result in insufficient weight.

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