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Ten modern trends of interwoven fabrics

Update:04 Dec 2020

1. Innovative textile fiber Since entering the modern s […]

1. Innovative textile fiber
Since entering the modern society, new types of textile fibers have continuously appeared, such as Tencel, modal, spandex, polyester, nylon, and even milk fibers. Like all other industries, modern technological development has also allowed the traditional fabric market Changes have been made. The emergence of these fabric fibers has greatly improved the innovation of fabrics.

2. Diversified fabrics
Different fabric fibers bring not only fiber innovation, but also fabric interweaving innovation. Through the interweaving and blending of different innovative fabrics, different fabric fibers can complement each other in performance, coupled with later processing, Greatly enrich the types of fabrics. For example, Tencel polyester viscose stretch fabric is a fabric composed of Tencel, polyester, viscose and spandex.

3. Diversification of fancy yarns
In addition to interweaving, different fibers are mixed in a single yarn to carry out fabric innovation. The style is unique and beautiful. At the same time, there are innovations in yarn organization, such as: slub yarn, knot yarn, colorful silk, loop Loop yarn, chenille yarn, etc., it can create a unique three-dimensional effect, and the style can also be different. Make the same fiber material, but the final fabric is completely different

4, the fabric organization is complicated
In addition to the innovation in raw materials, the innovation of the organizational structure has not fallen. In addition to the three common patterns, plain weave, twill weave and satin weave, innovations in various other organizational structures are also flourishing. There are a large number of intersecting and complex organizations. The unique structure of multi-layer fabrics is gradually becoming more complicated.

5. Popularization of color applications
In terms of color matching, we choose to keep up with trends and fashions. For international color fashion, we are basically in line with the two major schools of simplicity and brilliant creation.

6, surface texture bump
Through different organizational structures and different yarns, we can create different textures on fabrics. We have developed various types of yarn-dyed seersuckers, such as high count, thin, thick and fine yarn, indigo, jacquard, and double layers. Under various stretch crepe fabrics, creating a three-dimensional sense and unique pattern style on the surface of the fabric is an important means to enrich modern fabrics. And this kind of fabric is widely used in fashion, children's clothing and decorative fabrics.

7. High-grade yarn-dyed poplin
Through different yarn counts, the fabrics produced are completely different. For example, the yarn counts of pure cotton fabrics include 50S, 60S, 80S, 100S/2, 120S/2, 140S/2 and so on. The high-density yarn count is also more advanced, firmer and more flexible, and this high-end yarn count fabric is also a favorite product.

8. Warp and weft of stretch fabric
The use of stretch fabrics in different warp and weft is also an innovative fashion trend. For example, the three-dimensional anti-wrinkle effect of warp and weft bidirectional stretch fabrics makes the yarn-dyed fabric strips, lattices or patterns fully displayed, which can reduce the impact on the fabric due to wrinkles. And the destruction of clothing. The application of stretch fabrics on trousers has also been very mature, and it is also very suitable for modern clothing. Spandex has been widely used in all kinds of fabrics, whether warp, weft, or four-way stretch has its own market.

9. Functionalization of yarn-dyed finishing
Through later processing, it is now possible to add different processes to various fabrics, and to give new functions to interwoven fabrics. Such as anti-ultraviolet (summer fabric), paper (new texture fabric), antibacterial (shirt fabric), hydrophilic (polyester tablecloth), antifouling (professional clothing fabric), anti-static (workwear fabric), non-ironing (oxford fabric) , Flame retardant (decorative cloth)

10. Yarn-dyed white weaving products
From the simple white weaving products in the past to the application of yarn-dyed products, there are more and more applications of yarn-dyed products. Because of the style and texture, the fabrics created by yarn-dyed products are more beautiful and three-dimensional, and this has won them In order to gain more market share and become more popular.

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