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What is the fiber flannel fabric?

Update:20 May 2022

1. The flannel is soft and suitable for spring and autu […]

1. The flannel is soft and suitable for spring and autumn outerwear. Flannel curtains have a lot of fluff on the surface, so they have a strong cleaning power, especially thick flannel curtains, which are easy to hide dust, breed bacteria, and affect the health of the living room environment.

2. Printed flannel and yarn-dyed striped velvet should be used as spring and autumn outerwear for women and children. Most of the flannel printing uses the digital printing sublimation process. The principle is that the uv printer uses the sublimation ink to print the pattern on the paper, and then sublimes the pattern to the flannel through high temperature. Sublimation is to directly change from solid state to gaseous state, and the sublimated gaseous state will instantly drill into the gap of the flannel.

3. The printed fleece is brushed before printing, and the bleached and variegated fleece is brushed at the end. The velvet line is round and plump, the fluff is wear-resistant, the texture is thick, the hand feels soft, and the warmth is good. Mainly used as autumn and winter coats, shoes and hats fabrics, but also as furniture decoration fabrics, curtains, sofa fabrics, handicrafts, toys, etc.