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How to distinguish the quality of sofa fabric

Update:13 May 2022

1. Sofa fabrics and patterns The seat and back cover of […]

1. Sofa fabrics and patterns The seat and back cover of high-end fabric sofas are generally designed with live surfaces. Removable for cleaning. And generally have cotton lining. Touch the lining and padding inside the sofa with your hand to see if it is flat and crisp, and if the filling is even. Whether the plush direction of the outer fabric fabric is consistent and smooth. Secondly, check the pattern of the sofa. For example, you can check the color and shape of the round and semi-circular armrests, and whether the whole pattern is consistent and smooth. If it is a checkered pattern, check whether the fabric is horizontal and vertical, whether it is distorted or skewed.

2. Buying well-known brands Consumers should not decide whether to buy a sofa only based on the affordable price. In fact, the sofa is also very particular about the production process. For example, whether the material is made of real leather, whether the fabric pattern is complete, whether the sewing needle and thread are uniform, etc. Therefore, when purchasing, choose a well-known manufacturer that most consumers have long recognized. Its quality, warranty period, and after-sales service will have certain guarantees, so that consumers can rest assured.
3. The sofas are made of high-quality materials. All sofas are made of real leather. There are no cracks on the surface, and the texture is fine. The gaps between exposed metal parts such as armrests, backrest and base should be free of edges and burrs. The wooden surface should be fine and smooth, free from scratches, scratches, scratches, and chamfered to the outside.
4. The elastic body of the sofa sits on the sofa in a free fall state. If it is a good quality sofa, it can be bounced up at least twice. Such sofa elasticity can be called good. Good elasticity can extend the life of the sofa. You also need to sit down and feel whether the inclination of the sofa seat and the back and the curvature of the neck above the back fit the neck, waist, back, buttocks and other parts of the body before deciding whether to buy it.