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What is silk? Characteristics of silk fabrics?

Update:05 Aug 2022

  Silk originally refers to a type of silk fabric […]


Silk originally refers to a type of silk fabric woven from silk, because silk is relatively expensive and scarce. Now more chemical fibers and rayon are used to produce silk. Although the quality is not as good as silk, with the improvement of silk processing technology, The functional properties of chemical fiber silk are very close to those of silk.


Features of silk fabrics:
Silk fabrics are smooth to the touch and have good air permeability. The main feature of silk is that it has excellent drapeability. After wearing silk clothing, it is light and elegant without feeling bloated. Silk made of silk is very skin-friendly, because silk contains a variety of proteins, which have good biocompatibility and can take good care of human skin.

Silk also has the functions of sound absorption, heat resistance and ultraviolet resistance, so silk can also be used to make curtains. Silk is not easy to be contaminated with dust, and such products will have better decorative properties. Silk has good elasticity, and silk fabrics are not easy to shrink and deform after washing, and can last for a long time.

There are also many kinds of silk, which can be divided into 14 categories such as crepe, satin, silk, yarn, Luo, etc. according to the weaving or processing method. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences.

Striped satin fabric: The raw material of this silk is rayon, the width of the fabric is 150cm, the fabric is soft and light, its color is bright and generous, and it can be used for the production of silk scarves, clothing and other products, the wholesale price of the fabric is 9.8 Yuan per meter.