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How to identify genuine and fake suede?

Update:29 Jul 2022

The suede fabric is made of suede wool as raw material […]

The suede fabric is made of suede wool as raw material and then processed. Suede is the skin of suede. The fibrous structure of suede is very closely arranged, so it is very thick and even thicker than sheepskin after being made into cloth. , but because suede is relatively rare, most of the products on the market are imitation suede. Because the production technology is relatively advanced, imitation suede is very similar to real suede, so it is gradually accepted by consumers.

The advantages of suede fabric:
As a high-end fabric, suede is generally used to make high-end clothing such as coats. The cloth surface is delicate and soft to the touch and has a waxy feeling. Suede coats are very comfortable and very windy after wearing. Then, suede has a good thermal insulation effect. If you wear it in winter, it can resist the cold. In addition to producing coats, it can also be used to produce leather shoes, sofas and other items.

How to identify genuine and fake suede?

Look at the color: The color of untreated suede is white, including the color of the cross-section and the surface, while the imitation suede is usually dyed. The color of the incision is naturally different from the color of the cloth surface, and it is easy to fade after the blisters.

Look at the thickness: the thickness of the fake suede will be thicker than the real one, the thickness is generally 0.5 to 0.8 mm, while the real suede is only 1 to 2 mm.

Hand feel: The real suede will feel a powdery texture, the fabric is elastic and full, and the overall hand feel of the imitation will be more "stiff".

Cortex structure: The imitation suede has loose structure and large gaps, and the fibers are thicker than real suede, which is easy to harden after long-term use.