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What is quilting?

Update:17 Sep 2021

What is quilting? 1. Quilting is a decorative thread se […]

What is quilting?
1. Quilting is a decorative thread sewn on three layers of fabric (fabric, padding, lining), usually with cotton, sponge, etc. between the fabrics as fillers, manual and machine quilting can be applied to the fabric A three-dimensional pattern of unevenness emerges. The difference between them and the quilts used in ordinary households is that there is an extra quilting process, and the operating procedure is to quilt after sewing.
2. The quilting craftsmanship is extremely complex and meticulous, which just reflects the user's elegant life style. Therefore, it is used by many top brands in the world to make bedding, clothing, accessories, etc., which are widely popular all over the world. Quilting is a craft widely used in country style cloth art, and has developed into a symbol of country cloth art. Quilted products are mainly made of cotton fabrics, and are refined by machine stitching, hand stitching, machine post, hand post, embroidery, applique and other craftsmanship. With classic, elegant, high-end features, fine workmanship, and strong three-dimensionality, it is the best choice for home bedding.
3. The core and the quilt surface of the quilted quilt are combined by hand quilting or computer quilting, and cannot be separated, otherwise it will not be a "quilted" product. When washing, it is generally sufficient to wash with ordinary washing machines.
4. The quilted bedding products produced by regular manufacturers have been washed, sand washed and dried before leaving the factory. After this process, the quilt will be soft, durable, and three-dimensional. After use, the cotton does not ball, and the cotton is washed No knots, no clumps, etc.
5. When the quilting is washed and dried by washing and sand washing, the ingredients and main labels are brought with the washing standard. These labels and the quilt have been washed and sand washed and dried together, so they look a little wrinkled. But the quilt is indeed brand new.
6. Hand-made quilted bedding products cannot be as neat and uniform as those of Machinist. There may be more extra thread ends. However, hand-quilted quilts are relatively soft, and these handmade quilts are increasingly expensive today. The value of is naturally extraordinary.
7. Due to the special high-temperature water washing and sand washing and drying treatment, quilted bedding products are not suitable for high-count and high-density fabrics, but after the overall washing and sand washing treatment, they feel soft and comfortable, suitable for personal use. Spin, dry, and dry without shrinking, discoloration or deformation. Some quilts will deliberately increase the washing, in order to achieve the old effect, it is not that the quilt is washed and used second-hand.
Needle-punched cotton: It is a compressed absorbent cotton, which has the advantages of good air permeability, high dust collection efficiency and long service life. Most of the quilts in the store use this kind of cotton.
Sprayed cotton: also known as three-dimensional crimped cotton or porous fiber cotton. It is made through processes such as carding, leveling, spraying, and finishing. It has a soft feel and light weight. It is often used as quilt cotton.
PP cotton: also known as recycled polyester staple fiber, good elasticity, strong bulkiness, beautiful appearance, not afraid of squeezing, easy to wash, quick-drying, mostly used for cushions.