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What is polyester corduroy fabric

Update:06 Feb 2021

What is a polyester corduroy fabric? Corduroy fabric is […]

What is a polyester corduroy fabric?
Corduroy fabric is a kind of warp-knitted fleece fabric with a very strong hand feeling, and there are many types of fabrics. Among them, polyester corduroy fabric is one of them. It is called polyester corduroy fabric because of the corduroy fabric. Contains a certain proportion of polyester fiber, so it is called polyester corduroy fabric!

Is polyester corduroy fabric easy to fluff?
Although polyester corduroy fabric contains a certain proportion of polyester, polyester is not the main fabric component of polyester corduroy fabric. Its main fabric component is cotton yarn. I believe everyone knows that cotton yarn is very soft and not easy to pilling. Because polyester corduroy The cotton yarn content of the fabric is more than 70%, so the polyester corduroy fabric does not allow pilling!

What are the characteristics of polyester corduroy fabrics?
1. Polyester corduroy fabric contains a certain proportion of polyester, so it is very easy to arrange the fabric at ordinary times!
2. Polyester corduroy fabric is rich in color, and it will not fade after repeated washing, and it is also very easy to maintain the shape without wrinkles!
3. Polyester corduroy fabric is very casual and fashionable!

There are many corduroy materials, each with its own advantages

Elastic type
Elastic corduroy: Add elastic fibers to the warp and weft yarns at the bottom of the corduroy to obtain warp and weft elastic corduroy. The addition of spandex yarn can improve the comfort of wearing clothing, and can be made into tight-fitting clothing; it is conducive to the compact structure of the base fabric and prevents corduroy from falling off; it can improve the shape retention of clothing and improve the arching of traditional cotton clothing. Knee and elbow arch phenomenon.
Viscose type
Viscose corduroy: Using viscose as the velvet warp can improve the drape, light and hand feel of traditional corduroy. Viscose corduroy has improved drape, bright luster, bright colors, smooth feel, and velvet-like effect.
Polyester type
Polyester corduroy: With the acceleration of people's life, the easy maintenance, washability and wearability of clothing have attracted more attention. Therefore, polyester corduroy with polyester as the raw material is also an indispensable branch of this product. It not only has bright colors, good washability and wearability, but also has good shape retention and is suitable for casual outerwear.
Color cotton type
Colored cotton corduroy: In order to meet the needs of today's environmental protection, the application of new environmentally friendly materials to corduroy will also give it new vitality. For example, thin corduroy is made of natural colored cotton as raw material (or main raw material) for men and women shirts, especially for children's spring and autumn shirts, which have a protective effect on the human body and the environment. Yarn-dyed corduroy: traditional corduroy is mostly based on piece dyeing and printing. If it is processed into yarn-dyed products, it can be designed into different colors of velvet and ground (with strong contrast), mixed color of velvet, and gradation of velvet color. It can also cooperate with printing. Although the cost of dyeing and printing is low, and the cost of yarn-dyed weaving is slightly higher, the richness of patterns will bring endless vitality to the corduroy. Cut pile is the most important finishing process of corduroy, and it is a necessary method for corduroy raising. The traditional corduroy cutting method is always the same, which has become an important reason restricting the development of corduroy.

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