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What are the sofa fabrics

Update:17 Jun 2022

1. Cotton sofa The sofa made of pure cotton fabric is s […]

1. Cotton sofa
The sofa made of pure cotton fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable. It is also a fabric sofa that is purchased more in the market and can be applied to any decoration style. Its characteristics are that it is cheap and has many styles, but the elasticity of the sofa is relatively poor, it is prone to wrinkles, and the wear resistance is relatively poor. When buying, we need to choose a sofa with a delicate and soft feel. The fabric of the sofa is thicker and the quality is better.
2. Linen sofa
The texture of the linen sofa is hard, but it has good thermal conductivity. In the hot summer, you don't have to worry about sticky when lying on it. This kind of sofa is more popular in European style and simple and beautiful style. Because the texture is relatively hard, the wear resistance is relatively good, and it is not easy to fold, and it is difficult to balloon. When purchasing, check whether the surface of the sofa is flat and whether there are threads. If you want to be softer, you can choose a sofa with a higher cotton content.
3. Flannel sofa
The surface of the flannel sofa is delicate and soft to the touch. Now many people like to buy it. Compared with other fabrics, the flannel sofa looks more advanced than other fabrics, and the overall appearance is more elegant. The material of the flannel is beautiful in appearance, smooth in hand, and has a particularly good dust-proof and anti-fouling performance, but it is easy to generate static electricity.
According to different components, sofa fabrics can be divided into polyester, cotton, etc. Take the polyester cloth as an example: it can be divided into: suede, super soft velvet, corduroy, chenille and other sofa fabrics have different classification methods according to different types. According to the classification of raw materials, there are cotton, linen, and chemical fiber. And there are many kinds of chemical fibers, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics are mixed with several components. As for silk and wool, it is very rare. Looking for knowledge has never been touched. According to the dyeing method, there are dyed and yarn-dyed. Dyeing means weaving the fabric first, and then dyeing the color; yarn-dyeing means dyeing the yarn first, and then weaving. No matter what the composition of the cloth is, it can be made into dyed cloth or yarn-dyed cloth. Generally, the monochromatic fabrics are basically dyed fabrics, and the non-monochromatic fabrics are all yarn-dyed fabrics. According to the type of yarn, there are suede, chenille yarn and so on. Imitation suede is a kind of fabric that looks like suede, the composition is all polyester, and there are many in the market. Chenille yarn is a relatively thick yarn that looks fluffy. The cloth woven from chenille is collectively called chenille. There are many kinds of ingredients, polyester and viscose can be made into chenille. This cloth is thicker and more rugged in style. There are more on the market now. The fabric ingredients that the store tells you are basically mixed with various names, not according to a uniform standard. Common ones are suede, chenille, yarn-dyed, cotton, linen. These fabrics are not good or bad, but each has different characteristics. According to sofa fabric the price, for the same weight fabric, polyester is the cheapest, cotton is a little more expensive, and linen is much more expensive. But many yarn-dyed or chenille fabrics are heavier and thicker, so the price will be higher. Different fabrics are suitable for different styles of sofas. Modern styles and sofas with strong lines are more suitable for cotton or linen; more classical styles use chenille and yarn-dyed fabrics. The above are fabric sofas, and Taobao searched a lot of samples. Then there are leather sofas, which are divided into leather and genuine leather. The price of leather is relatively popular. Generally, a complete set of three or five thousand yuan can buy a good style and quality. Of course the durability is limited to a few years.