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What are the fabrics of the fabric sofa

Update:24 Jun 2022

1. Flannel The most impressive thing about the flannel […]

1. Flannel
The most impressive thing about the flannel sofa is its ultra-fine and gentle touch. From the corduroy of the past to the suede of the present, the flannel sofa has changed its identity in the gaudy and elegant. Compared with other fabrics, the sofa made of flannel should be the most expensive, and the better flannel costs 500 yuan/meter.
Features: It has the advantages of fashionable appearance, good color rendering effect, dustproof and antifouling, etc. The disadvantage is that it is easy to generate static electricity.

2. Linen
The most fascinating thing about cotton and linen fabrics is its good thermal conductivity. Even in the hot summer, there is no need to worry about sweating and sticky situations. The texture of the cotton and linen sofa is tight yet soft, moderately soft and hard, and has a simple and natural temperament.
Features: There are many advantages. It is more wear-resistant, not easy to wrinkle, does not fade, does not ball, does not generate static electricity, and will not mold in humid places.
3. Blended
Blending, that is, blending cotton and chemical fiber materials, can show the visual effect of silk, flannel, or linen, but the pattern and color are not natural and pure, and the price is relatively cheap. In recent years, with the rise of differential chemical fibers, blended fibers, and blended fabrics, coupled with the increasingly perfect modern technology, the soft feel and high simulation effect of blended fabrics can almost be faked.
Features: Easy to wash and non-iron, bright color, durable and elastic.