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The difference between cotton jacquard and cotton jacquard fabric

Update:07 Jan 2022

With the development of modern technology and the conti […]

With the development of modern technology and the continuous improvement of printing and dyeing processing technology, the fabrics are also continuously upgraded, especially in the jacquard fabrics. Nowadays, the jacquard has pure cotton jacquard, silk fabric jacquard, large jacquard, and small jacquard. Jacquard, artificial silk jacquard, each name matches a different processing technology, today people talk about pure cotton jacquard! Cotton jacquard fabrics are among the more prominent home textile fabrics. This type of fabric is woven with Jingwei textile processing technology. The warp knitted fabric has very good ductility when it is stretched horizontally and vertically. Warp knitting and woven fabrics Jacquard horizontal and vertical pulls are not malleable, so this also determines the versatility of cotton jacquard fabrics in the whole process of application.

In fact, cotton jacquard fabric is a textile processing technology. The fabric woven by this textile processing technology has a beautiful appearance and high-precision warp knitting method. It is a textile method often used in the contemporary textile industry. The actual textile method is: when fabrics are spun, they have to be transformed by great institutions to produce patterns, the yarn count is meticulous, and the raw material cotton is extremely high. Divided into woven, warp-knitted jacquard and weft-knitted jacquard. Weft knitted fabrics have very good ductility when they are stretched horizontally and vertically, while warp-knitted and woven jacquard fabrics have no stretchability when stretched horizontally and vertically.

The cotton jacquard fabric is woven by the electronic device faucet jet aircraft. It is different from the pure color printing and dyeing factory of the satin jacquard and the yarn-dyed jacquard. The two-color over-dyed jacquard fabric is used, and the yarn-dyed fabric has undergone mercerizing treatment. Jacquard can be woven into a pattern that is much more colorful than small jacquard, and it can be woven into several beautiful patterns including flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and beasts.

Due to the different classification of jacquard fabrics, there are many differences in colors and styles of products. Pure jacquard is a kind of jacquard dyed fabric. The texture on the fabric is woven, not general clothing printing, nor embroidery. When the fabric is weaving, it needs to undergo the transformation of the great structure to produce a pattern, the yarn count is fine, the relative density of needlework is high, the application does not deform, does not fade, and has good comfort. At this stage, jacquard is very popular in the sales market, and satin bedding looks high-level and tasteful.