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Regarding knitted and woven fabrics, fabrics that can be derived are everywhere!

Update:30 Dec 2021

Regarding knitted and woven fabrics, fabrics that can b […]

Regarding knitted and woven fabrics, fabrics that can be derived are everywhere!
Most of the fabrics can be classified into woven fabrics and knitted fabrics from the simple classification of weaving methods. For these two types of fabrics, we will introduce some common fabrics in detail.
Striped cloth is a kind of fabric material, which is a textile product. The cloth is patterned, and this pattern is raised by a circular machine. In fact, the pattern on the appearance is created by the machine, which is three-dimensional. It is not a pattern. Striped fabrics are generally involved in knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.
Generally speaking, plaid fabric is very simple, it will have different sizes of grids, which is more airy, and jacquard fabrics are also delicate in addition to air, for example, there will be some flowers that reflect these, and the quality is very detailed.
Striped cloth means that the axial lines are one by one. The plaid cloth is composed of many squares. There are three key materials. The polyester is used for making umbrellas, and the pure cotton is used for making clothes, shirts and necks. Most of the personal clothes of polyester are used for long skirts, which are very trendy. Both knitted fabrics and woven fabrics can be selected according to different requirements.
Yarn-dyed fabric is the cotton yarn dyed beforehand when the textile is made into cloth, instead of the white grey cloth which is then printed and dyed in the dyeing factory. Cloth is the raw material used to make clothing. As one of the three elements of clothing, fabric can not only explain the design style and characteristics of clothing, but also immediately display the main practical effects of clothing color and shape design. Yarn-dyed fabrics are often used as shirt fabrics. The light-layered yarn-dyed fabrics are comfortable and breathable, and are especially suitable for single wear. They are equipped with sports jackets with outstanding style and high-end cotton fabrics that are essential for contemporary clothing, food, housing and transportation. Yarn-dyed striped cloth is a striped cloth made of colored yarn.
Well, the brief introduction about these fabrics is over here. Those who are interested in woven fabrics and knitted fabrics can learn more about them in life.