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Matters needing attention when purchasing sofa covers

Update:17 Mar 2022

Nowadays, many friends choose fabric sofas and like its […]

Nowadays, many friends choose fabric sofas and like its fashionable and warm characteristics. Friends who choose to buy fabric sofas need suitable sofa covers. So how to choose fabric sofa covers? How to make a sofa cover? How to choose the right sofa cover? Let’s take a look at the precautions when buying sofa covers with Xiaobian.

First look at the material

The material of the sofa is of course the most basic consideration. If you choose a sofa cover with a good material, the sofa cover will be more practical and durable, and people will be more comfortable sitting on the sofa.

1. The price of cotton sofa covers is relatively cheap and cost-effective. These have always been the advantages of cotton sofa covers. The material is natural and comfortable, and the price is affordable. Therefore, among many sofa cover fabrics, the price of cotton sofa covers is relatively high. Inexpensive, this is a better cloth material.

2. Linen sofa cover is a high-grade fabric. The advantages of natural linen are that it is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has a strong three-dimensional sense. It is not easy to wrinkle, but pay attention. The shrinkage rate of linen fabric is very high, so buy fabric Pay attention to buying more, and pre-shrinking treatment (soak in water for a period of time) before production.

3. Plush sofa cover fabric is also a good choice for sofas. It has always been loved by consumers and can be matched with many decoration styles. It is one of the more popular sofa cover fabrics on the market, and it looks very good. High-end feeling, this kind of sofa cover fabric material has better thermal performance, more suitable for winter use, single suede is not so dirty, you should be careful when using it.


Color and pattern can not be ignored, see if the pattern of the bushing is clear and the color is uniform. You can cut a sample of the cushion cover and wipe the cover with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.

Darker sofa covers are suitable for rigorous and low-key decorative styles. Nowadays, many business elites like this simple and calm living room decoration style mainly in dark colors. At this time, dark sofa covers are selected to make the sofa covers more harmonious.

Relatively speaking, if the living room is decorated in a warm and fresh style, the overall color of the living room, walls, floors, and various furniture colors are lighter, then of course, the sofa cover should also choose bright and soft light colors, such as beige, light blue, etc.

In addition to coordinating with the decoration style, the appearance of the couchette cover should also be matched with the material. The sofa cover can be matched with different materials, such as linen sofa cover. This kind of fabric chooses the sofa cover made of static surface or plain flower. A nice sofa cover will do.

Cotton is more versatile. Generally speaking, there are no restrictions. It looks comfortable. Choosing a solid color with a softer pattern or lower saturation can highlight the gentleness of cotton.

For those who pursue quality, not only should the sofa be carefully selected, even if the sofa cover is selected, it is very particular. Not everyone has the money to buy the most expensive and the best, but it can be selected within the scope of ability. What suits you will improve your quality of life.