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How to make a sofa cover

Update:25 Dec 2020

Sofa cover refers to the outer cover of the sofa, and r […]

Sofa cover refers to the outer cover of the sofa, and refers to the items that cover the surface of the sofa. Generally, sofa covers are divided into two types: removable and non-removable. Generally, when ordering a sofa, the merchant will suggest to order an extra sofa cover for replacement. (Only the sofa that is fully removable and washable can be used as a jacket replacement)

How to make
It takes about 2 meters x 4 meters of fabric. First of all, the two people work together to cover the fabrics on different parts. According to the arc of each part of the sofa, reserve the edges for sewing.
After (you can leave more to prevent improper cutting, you can sew in if you leave too much, and the sofa cover that is sewn will be pulled if you leave it), cut out various shapes of fabric one by one, and finally stitch them together That's it. I don’t know what the style of your sofa looks like. You need to cut out the back piece, the back piece, the seat piece, the front piece (you can also add a lotus leaf under the front piece), and two side pieces (if you have armrests). Cut a few more pieces). The cutting of the two side pieces is the most important. They must be cut according to the curved shape of the sofa. Note that the top positions of the two sides of the backrest should be discounted. The specific length depends on the curvature of the sofa. Then when sewing, you must sew vertically first, and then sew the two sides, so that the sewn sofa cover is more beautiful. If it is made of floral cloth or plaid cloth, pay attention to the pattern.

On shrinkage
The sofa cover sold by the sofa factory usually cannot take into account the shrinkage of the fabric, which also causes the sofa cover to shrink seriously after washing and cannot be installed!
Solve the shrinkage problem: The fabric will shrink to a certain extent when it comes out of the fabric factory. The shrinkage will be reserved in the production of the garment. The pillow will not reach the ideal size until it is washed! However, this process cannot be used directly on sofa clothes, because after the sofa clothes are put on the sofa body, the size should be the same, no size, and it can be kept in the original state after washing. This requires that the sofa clothes fabric must be pre-made before production. Shrinkage treatment; There are two methods for shrinkage treatment: one: a small amount can be directly washed and dried with a household washing machine; two: a large amount can be washed and dried with an industrial washing machine;
About design issues
The design of the sofa cover does not use the thorny surface of the hook and loop fastener to stitch on the cloth surface. Instead, it uses snap buttons, elastic cords, hook and loop fasteners, zippers and other commonly used accessories on clothing. The design is more user-friendly, easier to disassemble, and thorough. Solve the situation that the sofa cover cannot be used after cleaning;
In order to consider the needs of life, fabric sofas are usually detachable sofa covers to facilitate disassembly, assembly and cleaning; however, common detachable sofa covers are almost glued to the surface of the sofa with a hook and loop tape, and the surface of the sofa is covered with a layer of polyester fluffy cloth. The hairy surface of the floor hook and loop fastener, the thorny surface of the sofa cover sewing hook and loop fastener; during the cleaning process of the sofa cover, there will be such a situation: the thorny surface will puncture the fabric fibers, causing the fabric to appear hooked, broken, and The hole phenomenon directly causes the sofa cover to be damaged and cannot be used; in this case, the manufacturer will equip the sold sofa with a strip of polyester fleece cloth to facilitate the bonding of the strips of thorny fleece before cleaning the sofa cover , To separate the thorn surface and the cloth surface contact friction; although this solves some problems theoretically, it also increases the difficulty of cleaning the sofa cover!

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