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How to identify home textile fabrics by touch

Update:08 Apr 2022

People's requirements for bedding are getting higher an […]

People's requirements for bedding are getting higher and higher, so the fabrics of home textiles should also be of high quality. When we buy home textile products, have we ever encountered a situation where we don't know what kind of fabric it is? How to identify the fabric? Here's how to identify home textile fabrics by touch.

1. Real silk: the silk surface is smooth and clean, the luster is soft, the color is bright and pure. It feels smooth and soft to the touch and has a light and airy look. When dry, there is a "silk squeak" when the silk surface is torn.

2. Pure hemp fabric: shiny, rough, and some itchy. There are many wrinkles, slow recovery, and poor sagging.

3. Pure cotton cloth: the cloth surface is shiny and soft, soft to the touch, poor elasticity, and easy to wrinkle. Pinch the fabric tightly with your hands and release it, there are obvious folds, and the creases are not easy to return to Hot sale velvet lace printed microfiber polyester velvet lace fabric their original shape. Pull out a few warp yarns and weft yarns from the edge of the fabric to open and watch, and the fibers are of different lengths.

4. Polyester-cotton cloth: the luster is pure and bright, the cloth surface is flat, clean without yarn ends or impurities. It feels smooth to the touch. Stiff and elastic than pure cotton. When the cloth is squeezed tightly and then released, the crease cloth is obvious and easy to return to its original state.

5. Viscose silk fabric: The silk surface is bright but not soft, the color is bright, the hand feels smooth and soft, and the drape is strong, but it is not as light and elegant as real silk. After pinching the silk surface, release it, there are creases, and the recovery is slow. The sound is hoarse when tearing. When the warp and weft yarns are wet with water, they are easily broken.