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How to clean the fabric sofa

Update:28 Apr 2022

How to clean the fabric sofa In the home arrangement of […]

How to clean the fabric sofa

In the home arrangement of young families, the choice of sofas is mostly fabric sofas. First, fabric sofas are cheaper than other material sofas, and secondly, fabric sofas are softer and more comfortable, and it is also convenient to arrange according to the style of home decoration. But the fabric sofa has a flaw, because the surface is easy to get dirty, how to clean the fabric sofa?

1. Clean the vacuum cleaner

The beneficial defect of the fabric sofa is that the fabric is easy to be vacuumed, so the surface of the sofa should be vacuumed regularly with a vacuum cleaner when cleaning the fabric sofa.

2. Directly disassemble and wash

Some or most of the current fabric sofas can be removed from the fabric cover, so when the fabric sofa is dirty, we can directly remove it, wash it with water, and then put it back on, but this requires everyone to buy a sofa. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the cloth cover of the sofa is easy to disassemble and assemble. In addition, the cleaning methods of different fabrics are also different. The elastic cover is relatively simple, and it is good to clean it directly with the washing machine at home.

3, clean water

There are different ways and degrees of soiling of the fabric sofa. It is not necessary to remove the cover when the ordinary small places are soiled, and it only needs to be scrubbed with clean water.

4, cleaning agent scrub

After the fabric sofa is dirty, if the dirty place cannot be cleaned with water, it needs to be scrubbed with a special detergent. It is easy to use a sponge. The sponge has good water absorption, and friction can also generate static electricity, which is very convenient to clean the dirt of the fabric sofa. trace. However, it should be noted that different stains should be scrubbed with different detergents, so that targeted cleaning can achieve a multiplier effect.

5. Professional cleaning

When there is a large area of ​​stains on the fabric sofa, it is recommended to ask a professional fabric sofa cleaning staff to clean it. If you encounter a large area of ​​stains, we are not professionals, and it is not easy to control the degree of scrubbing with water or detergent. Choosing the right cleaning agent and cleaning utensils will damage the fabric sofa to a certain extent, so it is recommended to contact professionals for cleaning if there is a large area of ​​stains.

The cleaning and maintenance of the fabric sofa is really troublesome. When scrubbing, you have to be careful not to use too much water. After cleaning, you have to use a hair dryer to dry it, so as not to cause the interior of the sofa to be damp, moldy, deformed, and affect the appearance. However, the fabric sofa is fashionable, affordable, comfortable to sit and has a variety of colors. It is the most popular sofa among sofas of various materials.