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Different classification methods of sofa fabrics

Update:23 Apr 2022

According to different components, sofa fabrics can be […]

According to different components, sofa fabrics can be divided into polyester, cotton, etc.
Take the polyester cloth as an example: it can be divided into: suede, super soft velvet, corduroy, chenille, etc.
There are different classification methods for sofa fabrics according to different types.
According to the classification of raw materials, there are cotton, linen, and chemical fiber.
And there are many kinds of chemical fibers, including polyester, acrylic, viscose, rayon and so on. Many chemical fiber fabrics are mixed with several components.
As for silk and wool, it is very rare. Looking for knowledge has never been touched.
According to the dyeing method, there are dyed and yarn-dyed.
Dyeing means weaving the fabric first, and then dyeing the color; yarn-dyeing means dyeing the yarn first, and then weaving.
No matter what the composition of the cloth is, it can be made into dyed cloth or yarn-dyed cloth. Generally, the monochromatic fabrics are basically dyed fabrics, and the non-monochromatic fabrics are all yarn-dyed fabrics.
The advantage of the sofa cover fabric is that it feels very good, and it is not easy to pilling. Compared with some plush sofa cover fabrics, the price of cotton sofa cover fabrics will be much cheaper, and the cost-effectiveness has always been cotton sofa covers. characteristics of the fabric. And among the many sofa cover fabrics, the cotton sofa cover fabric is also the most used and most versatile type of sofa cover fabric.