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How to choose the material of fabric sofa

Update:14 Feb 2022

Now the fabric sofas on the market are diverse in shape […]

Now the fabric sofas on the market are diverse in shape and cost-effective, and are very popular in the market. How to choose the material of the fabric sofa and what are the specifications of the fabric sofa?

How to choose the material of fabric sofa

1. All cotton. The fabric sofa made of cotton is comfortable and is the style with a wider market share at this stage.

Buying skills: first touch, the touch is delicate, soft and firm; second, the flower pattern is three-dimensional, the color is well-proportioned and mild; third, the knot of the fabric is pulled out and roasted with fire, which can be turned into dust and has no paste smell. good.

2. Blended fabric. Cotton and chemical fiber raw materials blended fabrics can show the visual impact of yarn, velvet, or linen, but the patterns and colors are not authentic, and the price is more cost-effective.

Buying skills: Pay attention to the composition of the fabric when purchasing, the larger the proportion of pure cotton, the better. Like living room fabric sofas, you can choose blended fabrics, but pay attention to choosing high-quality fabrics.

3. Linen. Linen is suitable for making sofas and chairs that are used in outdoor natural environments, giving people elegant and simple. The layering is firm and not quenched, with moderate hardness and softness.

Buying skills: When choosing hemp raw materials, the milky white primary color of hemp is the best. Whether the surface is leveled or not, whether there are wired knots or sockets, are all key assessment indicators for using hemp material. Because the shrinkage rate of linen is very high, it is necessary to know clearly when purchasing, whether the fabric has been soaked for a long time and has been pre-shrinked.

4, velvet cloth. The velvet fabric sofa is the "old tradition" of the fabric sofa, but it used to be corduroy, and now the deerskin velvet, the sofa changes its true identity in the vulgar and elegant.

What are the specifications of the fabric sofa

1. The height-width ratio of the sofa seat: the height-width ratio should be equivalent to the height-width ratio of the human calf plus the heel of the shoe, but it can also be slightly lower, about 35 to 42CM. If the ratio is too high, the feet will hang in the air, and the total weight of the body will reach the feet, and the latissimus dorsi will be overly anxious; if the ratio is too low, the bearing surface of the big feet will be reduced, which will also cause muscle pain.

2. The total width of the sofa: the total width of the front side of the two-person sofa should exceed 48CM, while the single-person sofa should be lower than this total width, the three-person sofa should be in the middle of 140-145CM, and the depth of the seat surface should be between 48 and 55CM . The living room fabric sofa is also divided into multi-seat and single-seat. If you choose a multi-seat fabric sofa, you should pay attention to its width. If the width is too small, it will appear crowded when so many people sit down; if it is a single person Fabric sofa, then just choose the appropriate width.

3. The height-width ratio of the sofa: When purchasing a fabric sofa, the height-width ratio of the back seat should be between the shoulders and the ears when sitting. Under normal circumstances, the top of the seat back is about 68-72CM from the road surface. .

There are many kinds of fabric sofa materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can choose a suitable fabric sofa according to your own needs.