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How to choose a sofa cover

Update:19 Feb 2022

1. Check whether there is color difference and wrinkles […]

1. Check whether there is color difference and wrinkles on the surface of the product, and whether the pattern of the product is clear and the color is uniform.
2. After reading it, you can touch the product with your hand to feel whether its texture is good and whether the thickness of the product is consistent.
3. This is very important. If the product has a peculiar smell, it is likely that the content of volatile substances such as formaldehyde and vinyl chloride is high.
4. You can cut a sample of the product and wipe it with a damp cloth to see if there is any discoloration.
5. The product color selection requires soft, generally light pink, light blue or light yellow, neat and easy to clean. The material is soft and hygroscopic, non-irritating.
6. The choice of style is elegant and warm, neat and convenient, and easy to clean, which are the basic principles of decoration. The clever use of fabrics can make guests feel the care and consideration of the host from time to time in addition to getting a comfortable rest.