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How to choose Sofa Covers Fabric

Update:25 Apr 2021

What should you pay attention to when buying Sofa Cover […]

What should you pay attention to when buying Sofa Covers Fabric
First of all, a good feel is the key factor, and the level of the sofa can be directly judged by contact.
Secondly, in addition to the good hand feel that people usually think, when choosing a sofa, you should also pay attention to whether the sofa is wear-resistant, that is, the practicality of the sofa. The practicality of the sofa usually means that the sofa should be wear-resistant and dirt-resistant. Since the sofa is not like clothes that can be cleaned at any time when it gets dirty, you should choose a dirt-resistant sofa when choosing a sofa.
Through continuous experiments and application satisfaction inquiries, conclusions are drawn, and flocking sand is now widely used. And some people who care about hand feel can choose viscose fabrics. Wear-resistant sofa, usually thicker flocking cloth.
What fabrics does the sofa have
The material and characteristics of the sofa
1. Polypropylene sand release. Polypropylene sofa is the first to deal with the problems in the prior art that the use of viscose suede base fabric as a sofa will cause environmental pollution and be simply stained with oil and other stains. In addition, the utility model also solves the technical problems that the existing sofa tissue structure is not strong enough, and simply deforms and breaks, causing accidental attacks.
2. Synthetic fiber sand release. The synthetic fiber sofa includes a plurality of warp threads and weft threads, and is characterized in that the warp threads and weft threads are synthetic fiber threads, and the warp threads and the weft threads are interspersed at right angles to each other. The synthetic fiber sofa has the characteristics of light weight per unit area, strong abrasion resistance, no environmental pollution, and ability to prevent stains such as oil stains.