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Fabric sofa cushion purchase skills

Update:16 Oct 2020

The fabric sofa cushion is a cushion that is directly s […]

The fabric sofa cushion is a cushion that is directly spread on the home improvement sofa. The sofa is placed at home, whether it is in use or not in use, it is easy to get dust. Therefore, laying sofa cushions on the sofa can prevent dust from falling directly on the sofa. The biggest feature of the fabric sofa cushion is that it is very convenient to clean.
Most of the fabric sofa cushions on the market are made of surface material, which is very comfortable to use. When laying the fabric sofa cushion, you can directly arrange the fabric sofa cushion and wrap the sofa to prevent it from falling off. The price of fabric sofa cushion is determined according to the material of the sofa cushion.

Fabric sofa cushion purchase skills
1. When purchasing a fabric sofa cushion, the first thing you need to determine is the size of the sofa cushion. Generally, the size of the sofa cushion purchased is a bit larger than the actual measured size, so as to ensure that the side of the sofa is also covered and avoid dirty.
2. The fabric sofa cushion has single, double, multi-person, etc., you can choose according to your needs.
3. The purchased fabric sofa cushion needs to be compatible with the style of the sofa and the style of home decoration. Only with the appropriate fabric sofa cushion can it have a practical and decorative effect.


Cleaning and maintenance of fabric sofa cushion
1. When using the fabric sofa cushion, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight. The fabric sofa cushion of some materials is easy to fade under strong sunlight, so it needs to be avoided. In summer, you can draw curtains as a barrier.
2. After using the fabric sofa cushion for a period of time, in order to avoid deformation caused by being in a state for a long time, it can be turned over after a period of use.
3. When cleaning the fabric sofa cushion, you can directly use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust on it. If there are stubborn stains on the sofa that are difficult to remove, you can directly remove it for washing.