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Different cleaning methods for different fabrics

Update:22 Oct 2020

How to clean the sofa? Different cleaning methods for d […]

How to clean the sofa? Different cleaning methods for different fabrics, sofas are easy to accumulate dust and difficult to take apart and wash, and it is easy to breed a lot of mites if you are not careful. In fact, cleaning is not as troublesome as you imagined. You can wash it with a small method and make the sofa instantly look new!

1. Fabric sofa

The sofa in the living room is actually very easy to accumulate dust. You don't know how dirty it is without washing! Teach everyone to use a small helper for cleaning the sofa-a stick! As long as you use this stick, with 75% alcohol and a clean rag, you can easily clean the sofa. If you don’t believe it, then look down~
First, pour alcohol into a spray bottle and spray it on the rag. Alcohol with a concentration of 75% can directly touch the skin, and the concentration is just right for disinfection and sterilization. You can buy it in general pharmacies. After spraying the rag evenly, spread the rag flat on the sofa.
Then tap the rag with a stick. After beating for a while, turn the rag over. The original clean rag is full of dust. If you don’t wash it, you don’t know, there are really a lot of dust hidden in the sofa! In fact, the principle is very simple, that is, by knocking, the dust in the sofa is ejected by elastic force, and the dust that pops out is absorbed on the cloth moistened with alcohol. If your fabric sofa can be disassembled, then you can also use the same method to dry clean the silk in the sofa~ We can put on cotton gloves and spray some concentration on the gloves where there is no way to wipe them like the gaps in the sofa. 75% alcohol. Putting your hand into the gap and turning it back and forth, the dust and hair in the gap are also brought out!
Sofas are the largest parasites of mites in household products, second only to mattresses. Fabric sofas that are difficult to remove and wash are more likely to breed mites. Use this method to clean once a month, so as to disinfect and sterilize, the sofa is clean, and the family feels at ease!


2. Suede sofa

A soft suede sofa is easy to accumulate a lot of dust without paying attention. It seems complicated, but in fact it is not difficult to clean, just prepare alcohol, dry sponge, and a brush. You can still use 75% alcohol concentration. Spray the sponge. A slightly harder sponge will make it easier to scrub. You can use a hard sponge to wipe off the marks of a ball-point pen drawn by a child, or the stains you get. After wiping, wait for the alcohol to evaporate and dry, and use a brush to smooth the sofa suede. After cleaning this way, the sofa becomes clean, just like the new one!


3. Leather sofa

The leather sofa is dirty, you don't even need detergent, just wipe it with banana peel, you can make the sofa look new immediately! The leather sofa will become dull and without brightness after a long time, and just a piece of banana peel can restore the luster of the leather! In addition to leather sofas, leather bags and shoes can be used~ After wiping, use a clean rag to clean up the remaining bananas~
If the home is a more expensive leather sofa, it is best to use a special leather cleaning liquid. After cleaning, the expired lotion and hand cream at home can be used as a maintenance agent for the sofa~

4. Wooden sofa

You definitely think it’s fine to wipe the wooden sofa with water, but in fact, as long as you add a little bit of this, you can make it brighter as new
It's tea. Scrub the wooden furniture with tea water to remove stains, not only clean but also make the wooden furniture bright again.
In addition to wooden furniture, the floor can also be mopped with tea, which not only makes it shiny, but also has the fragrance of tea.