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Cleaning and maintenance of the sofa fabric

Update:04 Mar 2021

First, use a special cleaner for sofas or carpets, dip […]

First, use a special cleaner for sofas or carpets, dip a clean white cloth with a small amount of medicament, and wipe the dirty areas repeatedly until the stains are removed.
Secondly, be careful not to wipe with a lot of water to prevent water from entering the inner layer of the sofa, causing the inner structure of the sofa to be damp, deformed, and the sofa shrinks, which affects the overall appearance of the sofa.
Then, if there is a large area of ​​stains, you should ask a professional cloth sofa cleaning team to serve you.
Finally, high-end fabric sofas, under normal circumstances, should be cleaned every 10 months to maintain the cleanliness of the fabric sofas.

Regarding the maintenance of the sand release, there are the following tips.
First, the armrests and cushions of fabric sofas are easy to get dirty, so you can put sofa towels on them. Cloth sofas are easy to accumulate dust, so it is inevitable to use vacuum cleaners and other things to remove dust regularly, but it is not possible to brush the head close to the cloth to prevent dirt from staying on the cloth surface or hooking up the thread.
Second, the wear resistance of cloth sofa is not as good as leather sofa, so you should prevent it from sitting in the same seat all the time. If the fluffy ball is removed, please use small scissors to remove it.
Third, when there is a big dirty spot, wipe it with clean water first. If the cloth surface is detachable, remove it and clean it according to the instructions.
Fourth, when the new sofa is bought back, it can be sprayed with a cloth cleaner to prevent dirt or oil and water adsorption.
Fifth, the best choice for fabric sofa is a detachable jacket type, or another sofa cover. When washing, you must strictly follow the cloth requirements to clean. If it is not easy to wash, you can send it to a dry cleaner for cleaning. Some elastic covers should not be ironed. If you want to iron, you should iron them inside the cover after considering the wear and tear of the fabric.

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