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Which is better, velvet or coral velvet

Update:08 Apr 2020

With the development of society, everyone's living stan […]

With the development of society, everyone's living standards are improving. More and more people are beginning to focus on the quality of life. They are more concerned about the comfort of wearing. There are many kinds of fabrics on the market.

Which is better, velvet or coral velvet?

In terms of fabric quality, velvet fabric is better than coral velvet, but in terms of fabric sales, coral velvet is higher than velvet. If it is close-fitting clothing, coral fleece is more suitable. But if it is a coat, the velvet fabric will look graceful.

Which is better, velvet or flannel

The difference between velvet and flannel. Flannel refers to the style of colored wool fabrics and woolen fabrics. It is the center of a layer of very full and soft fluff. It feels very soft and comfortable, and the warmth is also very good, but the overall placement structure is weft knitted. Terry velvet is divided into two kinds of yarn and terry yarn. The materials it uses are velvet composed of fibers of different materials such as cotton, polyester, cotton, etc., and different materials can be used for weaving according to different uses. The clothing used is cotton terry yarn, which feels very soft and comfortable. Very high. The flannel material is wool flannel, the dyed part of the wool produced, and then mixed into a part of natural wool. After the blending is thick and turbid, all the fabrics are woven into a fabric and finished for a nap. The velvet has very high requirements for materials in the production process. Velvet products require high-quality pure cotton with high quality, small linear density, long length and high maturity. The velvet products also have special requirements for the twist of the pile yarn, and the application of cotton yarn requires that its twist is small and the twist of the cotton yarn is uneven. This will contribute to the development of velvet velvet quality and feel good. It is still a new flannel and environmentally friendly product. It has good thermal insulation. I believe consumers know that using flannel, the flannel not only has a high degree of comfort, but it will not show drops or discoloration during use. Popular with consumers, and then velvet will wipe the thin hair off the offense.

The difference between velvet and coral velvet

First touch the texture, the velvet fabric is silk and cotton yarn, and the coral velvet fabric is fiber, so the velvet material is more textured. Secondly, coral velvet is bright in color and velvet is light in color. Finally, observe the fluff. In most cases, the fluff of coral velvet is softer and longer than that of velvet.

What is the velvet fabric?

1. Velvet fabric is one of the hot fabrics in winter. It is composed of pile loops or piles on the surface of the fabric. It first originated in the Zhangzhou area of ​​Fujian Province, so it is also called Zhangrong. Velvet fabrics have been produced in large quantities as early as the Ming Dynasty and are one of the traditional fabrics.
2. Velvet fabric is made of cocoon-grade raw silk, silk is also used as warp, cotton yarn is weft interwoven, silk or rayon is raised, degummed or semi-degummed, dyed, and weaved after weaving. We can also use cotton, It is woven from different materials such as eye, viscose, polyester and nylon, which has a smooth feel and high gloss.
3. Velvet fabric has two types: flower velvet and plain velvet. Flower velvet is to cut part of the loops into fluff according to the pattern, and the fluff and the loop are alternated to form a pattern. The surface of the plain velvet is all loops.
4. From the appearance point of view, velvet fabric has a luxurious temperament and rich texture, which can create a magical fashion atmosphere. Some special velvet fabrics are added with a brightener when finishing, so that the suede has a better gloss.