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Which is better material for shoes

Update:01 Jul 2020

Every material has it pros and cons, but in my opinion, […]

Every material has it pros and cons, but in my opinion, leather ones are the better choice especially if you can only afford one pair.


Very fancy and unique looking, the texture and feel of it is very captivating and easy on the eye, it’s a fantastic leather for aesthetics, and definitely a plus if you want to up your style game.

Cons: It is very, very easy to get it dirty, rain and snow does horrors to suede if not kept clean, but there are products that help protect your suede from that.


Casual, beach, hanging out with friends, that is what canvas screams. Canvas isn’t really the best material for shoes, but the shoe companies that use it really hit it home. The Vans Old Skool, Era, or the Converse are great brands with great designs that will definitely make you like canvas.

Cons: Like suede, it gets dirty very easily, especially if your shoes are white. They are also not as durable (my vans last approximately 1 year to 1 year and a half by wearing them every day), but it is also good looking aesthetically.


Good ol’ leather shoes, the best in my opinion out of them three. Does not get dirty that easily, you can wash mostly everything off with water and it won’t affect the shoe, if it is good quality. Looks more polished, more mature than canvas, can be worn in all situations (Bars, hang outs, even with a suit!) and still very look and clean looking.

Cons: Have yet to find a strong con for leather.

To finish it off, I’ll recommend you some brands or stores that sell these shoes for inspiration.

You can find canvas shoes at Vans, Converse, ranging from 50$ to 75$ normally.

Leather shoes can be found everywhere, like Aldo, Adidas (the famous Stan Smith).

As for Suede, Timberland makes pretty decent suede boots that are classics.