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Which fabrics are available for the sofa

Update:21 Aug 2020

Now when choosing sofas in the living room, people are […]

Now when choosing sofas in the living room, people are more willing to choose fabric sofas. Fabric sofas are also different in comfort and style due to different fabrics. When buying sofas, which fabric is better? What are the materials of the sofa fabric!

1. Pure cotton sofa The cotton fabric sofa is soft, breathable, and comfortable. It is also a fabric sofa that is bought more on the market, which can be applied to any decoration style. It is characterized by its low price and many styles, but the sofa has poor elasticity, is prone to wrinkles, and has poor wear resistance. When buying, we should choose a sofa with a delicate and soft feel. The fabric of the sofa is thicker and the quality is better.

2. Linen sofa Linen sofa has a hard texture, but has good thermal conductivity. In the hot summer, you don't have to worry about stickiness when lying on it. This kind of sofa is popular in European style and simple style. Because the texture is relatively hard, it has better abrasion resistance, is not easy to fold, and it is also difficult to balloon. When buying, check whether the surface of the sofa is flat and whether there is any thread. If you want to be softer, you can choose a sofa with a higher cotton content.

3. Flannel sofa The surface of flannel sofa is delicate and soft to the touch. Now many people like to buy it. Compared with other fabrics, flannel sofa looks more advanced than other fabrics, and the overall appearance is more elegant. The flannel material is beautiful in appearance, smooth in hand, and has excellent dust and dirt resistance, but it is easy to generate static electricity.