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What sofa fabric is not easy to pilling?

Update:07 Jul 2021

What is a non-pilling fabric? The sofa fabric produces […]

What is a non-pilling fabric? The sofa fabric produces plush due to friction. When these plushs are entangled together, they will slowly become a ball of hair. If the fabric has good elasticity, then the tragedy will come. Small balls one by one. Let me introduce you to the non-pilling fabrics.

1. Fatigue resistance of fiber
Cotton, linen and viscose fabrics are not easy to pilling, polyester and acrylic are easy to pilling
The weak fatigue resistance of the fiber refers to the relatively poor elasticity of the fiber. When the fiber ends caused by friction are entangled into hair balls, the fiber hair balls with poor elasticity are easy to fall off. From a visual point of view, the surface of the fabric is less likely to leave hair balls.
The fatigue resistance of the fiber is strong and the hair balls are not easy to fall off, and the surface hair balls are many.
2. Fabric structure
The fabrics of clothes that are usually worn are generally organic fabrics and knitted fabrics. Woven fabric: also known as woven fabric, refers to a fabric composed of yarns that are interwoven according to a certain rule and have a cross relationship. Knitted fabric: refers to the fabric formed by forming loops of yarn with knitting needles, and then stringing the loops into each other.
The fabric structure is tight and flat, not easy to pilling. Actual wearing shows that general knitted fabrics are easier to fuzz, pilling and snagging than woven fabrics.
3. Yarn twist
The cotton yarn is changed by twisting, and the relative angular displacement between the cross sections of the cotton yarn is used to change the yarn structure. To put it bluntly, compared to twisting the rope, the tighter the twist = the greater the twist, the yarn and the yarn are held closer to each other, and it is not easy to fluff the ball.
The greater the twist of the yarn, the less prone to pilling.

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