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What is corduroy?

Update:17 Oct 2022

Corduroy is also known as striped cloth. By cutting wef […]

Corduroy is also known as striped cloth. By cutting weft and raising on the cloth surface, a wick-like pattern is formed, and corduroy is also named after it. Corduroy is usually made of cotton, but in recent years, corduroy made of polyester and spandex has appeared. Corduroy has good heat retention, so it is often used as a fabric for autumn and winter outerwear. favored by consumers.
Advantages of corduroy fabrics:
1. The corduroy fabric is full of piles, has a good three-dimensional sense, fine fluff and soft hand feeling, which is a natural fabric.
2. Not to mention the warmth retention of corduroy, the fabric itself is easy to dye, so it will be more convenient during production and processing.
3. The washing method of corduroy is simple, but pay attention to the water temperature. If the water temperature is too high, the fabric will shrink.
Uses of corduroy fabric:
Corduroy is mainly used to produce autumn and winter coats, shoes and hats fabrics, in addition to curtains sofas and other furniture fields, the application scenarios are more extensive and practical.