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What are the sofa fabrics? What are the characteristics

Update:11 Nov 2022

There are many types of sofa fabrics, the common ones a […]

There are many types of sofa fabrics, the common ones are cotton, linen, flannel, chemical fiber, etc. There are also sofas blended with various fabrics. The quality of sofas with different fabrics is different, and the corresponding prices are also very different.

Different fabric sofa features:
1. Pure cotton sofa: Pure cotton is relatively close to the skin. The cloth sofa made of pure cotton is breathable and soft, and there is an excellent comfort when sitting on it. The pure cotton sofa currently has a high market share. Moreover, the price of the sofa is relatively cheap, but there are still some defects, such as its poor elasticity and wear resistance. If it is in the south, because of the relatively large humidity, it will also face the situation of mildew on the fabric. Therefore, this sofa needs more effort in the daily care and maintenance process.
2. Flannel sofa: Flannel sofa mainly includes corduroy, suede, etc. Because the price of flannel is high, the price of flannel sofa is also rising. The sofa is soft and comfortable to sit on. The role of dust and anti-fouling, but the flannel has a major defect that it is easy to generate static electricity, human hair or animal hair, etc. are easy to stick to the cloth surface, which is difficult to clean. Moreover, long-term exposure to static electricity may have a certain impact on human health. .
3. Hemp sofa: One of the major characteristics of hemp is its good ventilation and electrical conductivity, which is very suitable for summer. It may be much harder to sit on than a flannel sofa, but the color fixation of linen is very good. Generally, it will not fade. The ball is not as easy to generate static electricity as the flannel, and the good antibacterial property makes the sofa not easy to mildew even in a humid environment, which can make up for the defects of cotton cloth. Of course, linen also has a big defect. The elasticity is not good, so the resilience of the sofa after deformation is very limited.