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What are the properties of velvet fabric

Update:03 Jun 2020

Velvet is a heavy durable fabric with a strong sheen. I […]

Velvet is a heavy durable fabric with a strong sheen. Its characteristics depend on the type of material that has been used to manufacture the velvet. Silk velvet has a soft drape and shimmering surface, whilst synthetic velvets such as those made from rayon and acetate have a strong sheen but do not tend to drape as well.

Cotton velvet (also known as velveteen), as is the strongest and most durable type of velvet. It is also a natural fibre, and therefore healthier to have around the home.

Cotton velvet instead is less fine but more resistant. More recently, synthetic velvets have been developed, using polyester, rayon, nylon, viscose and acetate, or mixing synthetics and natural fibers. Synthetic velvets made from rayon and acetate simulate the sparkle of those made with silk, but are generally heavier and do not drape as well.

Velvet has always been considered a luxurious fabric and, due to its high price, associated with nobility and a symbol of prestige and power. Its origin is dated back to 2000 BC. The Egyptians were documented using a technique that is similar to the one we are using today in the velvet manufacturing. During medieval era and the renaissance velvet has been the cloth of Kings and Queens.
Thanks to its characteristics and its fame as exclusive fabric, it’s mainly used to create evening dressesand elegant clothing in general. Black, blue and burgundy are the most common velvet colors because highlight the rich pile of the fabric and enhance its shine.

Velvet is one of the traditional autumn fashion fabrics, luxurious and fashional. It is heavier than other fabrics. Matching with other exquisite fabrics, such as silk and lace, it can create a special charm.

Velvet fabric is made of high quality cotton yarn, there are several major types of printing, jacquard and ribbon, yarn-dyed and burnt-out. The composition of raw material is 80 cotton/polyester, 20 65 t/c, 35 80 polyester/cotton or bamboo fiber cotton velvet, etc.


Full flosses, fine texture, soft, wearing comfortable, elegant appearance. Elastic, not wool, not ball.

It is three times the water imbibition of cotton fabrics, and has no effect on the skin.


The natural trend of flosses will be damaged if you stack it. And it is difficult to restore and easy to get static electricity.