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What are the mattress fabrics? How to choose?

Update:20 Aug 2021

Mattress fabric knowledge The quality of the mattress d […]

Mattress fabric knowledge

The quality of the mattress directly affects the quality of our sleep, and the quality of the mattress is often determined by the fabric. Mattresses made of high-quality fabrics are not only beautiful, but also promote sleep. What are the mattress fabrics? How to choose?
In fact, there are many types of mattress fabrics, mainly knitted fabrics, water jet fabrics, washed fabrics, jacquard fabrics, Fuchun spinning, corduroy, denim, etc. 
Different grades of mattresses use different fabrics. The more common mattress fabrics include warp knitted fabrics, Huayao crepe, and water jet fabrics are relatively inexpensive mattress fabrics. The quality of mattresses made of this type of fabric is average, and conditions are recommended. Choose better fabrics.
Better mattress fabrics include woven cotton cloth, satin cloth, and better imported knitted cloth or cashmere. There is also a new type of 3D fabric on the market. The quality of the same fabric is different. The higher the weight of the fabric, The better the quality and the higher the corresponding price.
The characteristics of several mattress fabrics:
Fuchun spinning: It is a fabric interwoven with rayon and cotton-type viscose spun yarn. The silk surface is smooth and has a light and soft feel, and the fabric has good moisture absorption.
Corduroy: Corduroy can be classified according to the thickness of the velvet. It can be divided into four categories: thin, medium, wide, and intermediate. The corduroy is plump and wear-resistant, and the fabric notes are thick. The made mattress will keep warm.
Jacquard fabric: Jacquard fabric is a patterned fabric in cotton fabric or chemical fiber fabric. In addition to mattresses, it is used for bed sheets, curtains, etc. The jacquard fabric has a strong three-dimensional effect, is comfortable and durable, and is not easy to fade. It is very suitable for mattresses. The production.
After reading the above introduction, everyone should understand the types and characteristics of mattress fabrics. In fact, in addition to the fabric, the overall structure of the mattress is also an important point that affects the function of the mattress, including the design method, so you should choose more mattresses. Combination of aspects.