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What are the characteristics of different fabric sofas

Update:28 Aug 2020

1. Pure cotton sofa: Pure cotton fits the skin better. […]

1. Pure cotton sofa: Pure cotton fits the skin better. The fabric sofa made of pure cotton is breathable and soft, and you will have an excellent comfort when sitting on it. Pure cotton sofas currently have a high market share. Moreover, the price of the sofa is relatively cheap, but there are still some defects, such as its poor elasticity and not wear-resistant. If it is in the south, because of the high humidity and gas contrast, it will also face moldy fabrics. Therefore, this kind of sofa needs more effort in the daily care and maintenance process.

2. Flannel sofas: Flannel sofas mainly include corduroy, suede, etc. Because the price of flannel is higher, the price of flannel sofas has also risen. The sofa is soft and comfortable to sit on, and its thermal insulation effect is much better than cotton and linen, and it is anti It is dust-proof and anti-fouling, but the flannel has a major defect that it is easy to generate static electricity. Human hair or animal hair is easy to stick to the surface of the cloth and difficult to clean. Furthermore, long-term static electricity may have a certain impact on human health. .

3. Linen sofa: One of the characteristics of linen is that it has good air permeability and conductivity, which is very suitable for summer. It may be much harder than flannel sofa when sitting on it, but the color fixation of linen is very good and generally will not fade. The ball is not as prone to static electricity as flannel. The good antibacterial property makes the sofa not easy to mold even in a humid environment. This can make up for the defects of cotton cloth. Of course, linen also has a big defect. The elasticity is not good, so the recovery ability of the sofa after deformation is very limited.

4. Blended sofa: Generally, fabrics such as cotton, linen and other chemical fiber materials are blended. The quality of the blended fabric will be relatively poor compared to before. Both the function and the appearance are general, but the price will be much cheaper. With the improvement of blending technology, the quality of blended sofas is much better, flexible and durable. In fact, a large part of the sofas currently on the market are blended. If you have a limited budget and want a higher cost performance, blended sofas are also a good choice.