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Variety characteristics of silk fabrics

Update:26 Jul 2021

1. Double crepe: After high temperature setting, the wr […]

1. Double crepe: After high temperature setting, the wrinkle resistance is better. The fabric has stable structure, high printing and dyeing saturation, and bright color. The advantage of heavy creping is that the fabric has better drape and stronger wrinkle resistance.
This kind of silk is more densely woven, less susceptible to snagging, and more durable. It has a natural luster when it is held in the hand, but it is not as bright as satin, and it is easier to take care of.
2. Qiao Qi: There are thin and transparent Qiao Qiao and burnt-out Qiao Qiao, and there are thick and waxy Qiao Qiao. The advantages of Georgie are elegant, light and thin; the advantages of heavy Joe are crisp, strong resilience, and good sag.
Georgette can be said to be the most commonly used fabric. Georgette is characterized by lightness and transparency. As a skirt in summer, it has an elegant beauty and is very suitable for young MM. However, this fabric is easy to snag and wrinkle and is not durable. I myself People who don’t pay much attention, often a skirt is broken without wearing it twice. That heartache, heavy Joe is a finely woven georgette, the density is higher, and the weight is heavier, so in terms of texture, sag It is much better in terms of drop, wrinkle resistance and durability.
3. Sangbo satin: It is a conventional fabric in silk fabrics. The satin texture is clear, antique and very noble.
This is relatively rare to me, so I don't know much about it. I don’t know if it refers to textured silk or satin? I have made some pearl satin fabrics and satin fabrics before, but the textures are embossed on the fabrics, the texture is very special, and it is very expensive.
4. Plain crepe satin: it is a conventional fabric in silk fabrics. The bright satin is very noble, smooth to the touch and densely organized; the shrinkage rate of the fabric is relatively large, and the luster decreases after being launched. This is the silk fabric that many people think of. The material for cheongsam has a smooth luster like pearls, bright colors, and beauty! This kind of fabric feels good in your hand, so when you sell satin clothes, buyer satisfaction is usually very high; this kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle, so after ironing, it will be smooth and its luster can be perfectly flashed. ; Satin is a very noble fabric. In fact, some designs made of this fabric are really beautiful, noble and very big-name.