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The Softness of the Velvet Fabric

Update:16 Sep 2022

The softness of velvet fabric is one of the most appeal […]

The softness of velvet fabric is one of the most appealing features. This luxurious material is also associated with European nobility. The quality of this material depends on the density of the pile, the thickness of the yarns and the fiber content. You can check the pile and density of a sample of velvet by bending it on a diagonal. A velvet fabric with visible backing is not high-quality.

If you want to buy a velvet fabric, you need to make sure that it is fire-retardant. Some public places require such materials. You can buy velvet that meets official British safety standards. Another important point to remember is that velvet can be reused. If you want to use the fabric again, you can easily reupholster it or drape it again.

Cleaning velvet is easy. You can use the appropriate cleaning solvent and apply a damp cloth. You should also keep the fabric away from water as water can damage the fabric. Make sure that you dry the fabric quickly after cleaning. Otherwise, you might risk damaging the velvet fabric and making it appear unsightly.

The pile and backing of velvet fabrics are made of different fibers. Some of them are stronger than others and have different qualities. Check the tag of your velvet fabric to determine the fiber content of the pile and backing. If the backing is not listed, look for another option. You should also be aware that velvet requires more care and attention than other fabrics.