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How to Print Printed Fabric

Update:25 Nov 2022

  Printed fabric has come a long way from simple, […]


Printed fabric has come a long way from simple, refined cotton and silk. It has evolved into a multi-color, multi-purpose fabric.

Printed fabric is also a part of the fast fashion cycle. The goal is to produce a new look every season. Prints are a great way for a small brand to gain exposure without spending a fortune.

One of the most common ways to achieve this is through thermal transfer printing. This method prints a design on a special paper and then transfers it to the fabric. This is a more sustainable option.

However, thermal transfer printing is only as good as the paper it uses. It is important to check the paper before printing it onto the fabric. If the paper is of low quality, the print could be of poor quality.

Another popular printing technique is pigment printing. This method involves applying dyes to the design area. This gives a more vibrant colour and is ideal for natural fabrics.

However, pigment prints do require a special treatment. This process, called curing, ensures that the print will not fade. It is a great option for intricate details.

There are also various methods of drying fabric. Some methods involve air drying and others involve heat. Both methods require careful planning before production begins.