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How to make a fabric sofa cover by hand?

Update:03 Sep 2020

Can you make a handmade fabric sofa cover? Hand-made fa […]

Can you make a handmade fabric sofa cover?
Hand-made fabric sofa covers, various items in life have their own value, even a small piece of fabric may be of great use. Fabric has always been an indispensable part of people’s lives. The clothes you wear are made of various fabrics, and of course there are other items that can be finished with fabric. For example, the sofa covers and sofa covers on the sofa are all made of fabric, so the editor will lead everyone to learn how to use fabric to make sofa covers and sofa covers.

Steps for making sofa cover: First of all, you must design it first, see what style of sofa cover you want, and roughly estimate how much fabric you need; then you still have to cut the fabric. Everyone should understand this, and you can work with two people. ,According to the curve of the sofa, reserve the fabric needed for the fancy; then it is stitched, of course it is still a test of craftsmanship. This is the easiest way to make a sofa cover.

Making method of fitting sofa cover

As fabric decorations, like other areas of clothing and lifestyle, are increasingly showing a trend of advocating leisure, casual, easy-to-wash and adaptable sofa covers are now accepted by more and more families. Sofa covers are available in fitting style, loose style and bedding style. The fitting sofa cover and the sofa are integrated, it is hard to tell which is the sofa and which is the cover.

Production method:

1. Preparation for production

The first is to prepare the tools, rulers, scissors, and sewing machines.

2. Measurement and planning

First measure the size of the part to be made, the length and width of the front, side, top, bottom, back, and then add 1 inch and cut it out. It is almost appropriate to remove the seam allowance of 0.4-0.5 inch on both sides. If there are inappropriate places, change it at any time. , Especially where the corners are curved, the point that needs to be paid attention to is that you must make a little more when cutting, and it is easy to rework and change the seam allowance.

Re-measure the required length of the sofa: measure the length of the armrest (from the ground outside the armrest to the inner cushion) * 2 + the length of the middle cushion + the width required to insert the cushion. Spread a cloth of suitable length on the sofa. The cloth needed for a general single sofa is approximately 230cm long and 235cm wide; the cloth needed for a two-seater sofa is approximately 300cm long and 235cm wide; the cloth needed for a three-seat sofa is approximately 470cm long and 35cm wide.

3. Stuff the cloth into the seam of the chair according to the shape of the sofa. At this time, use a stationery clip or a long ruler or a plastic tube to stuff into the seam of the chair to fix it and prevent it from sliding loose. Some skirts can be made appropriately, which looks more comfortable and has a rustic style.

4. Pull the fabric at the turning point and armrest of the sofa back and fix it with pins. It can also be sewn together with needle and thread.

5. You can put a bow or other decorations on the pin fixing place to increase the beauty.

According to the corresponding steps, I believe everyone can make satisfactory fabric sofa products. The role of cloth art is very powerful. You might as well learn about it online in your free time. It can not only make sofa covers and sofa covers, but also make some exquisite accessories and cute dolls.

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