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How to clean velvet fabric sofa

Update:02 Jun 2022

The flannel only needs to be gently wiped with cotton g […]

The flannel only needs to be gently wiped with cotton gauze dipped in alcohol. Definitely not washable! Whether it is removable sofa fabric or non-removable, can not be washed, only dry clean! Most of those detachable sofa covers don't go back after washing.

If the dripping is juice, red wine, etc., use warm water, match with a white clean rag (remember that it must be a white rag, microfiber cloth is the best), and gently wipe from the inside to the outside in small circles, remember Don't draw a map until it's wiped clean, then vacuum it dry and open the window for ventilation.

1. Vacuum the sofa regularly, preferably once a week. When cleaning, you can use a feather duster and a towel together. First, use a feather duster to remove the dust on the surface of the sofa, and then use a towel to wipe the gap between the armrests and backrests of the sofa. You can also use a small vacuum cleaner, but do not use a suction brush, so as not to damage the thread on the fabric and make the fabric fluffy.

2. Fabric sofas with sheaths can generally be cleaned. The elastic sleeves can be washed at home in the washing machine, and the larger cotton or linen sheaths can be dry cleaned, and bleaching is prohibited. When ironing the sheath, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free. If the sheath is cotton, it is not suitable for ironing.

3. Don't move the sofa often, and two people lift it when moving. If you drag it hard, the sofa feet are easily damaged. Do not let the child jump on the sofa, so as not to cause the spring to be skewed and damaged.