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How much do you know about fabric sofa fabrics

Update:02 Dec 2021

Sofas, if classified according to materials, can be div […]

Sofas, if classified according to materials, can be divided into leather sofas, fabric sofas (ie fabric sofas), curved wood sofas and rattan sofas. Today I will mainly take a look at the fabric sofa.

When it comes to fabric sofas, we have to talk about its fabrics to understand the different fabrics of fabric sofas, namely: velvet, linen, chenille, and silk.


It is a raised silk fabric interwoven with mulberry silk or mulberry silk and chemical fiber filaments. Collectively referred to as velvet. The surface has dense piles or loops of piles or piles that are erected or arranged horizontally. The color is bright and bright, and the appearance is similar to velvet, so it is usually called velvet.

Features: It feels smooth, comfortable, and soft, and looks like a beautiful halo.


Hemp is the cortical fiber of plants, and its function is similar to human skin. It has natural properties such as protecting the body and regulating temperature. Linen clothing can reduce human sweating than other clothing materials, and the water absorption speed is several times faster than that of silk, rayon, and even cotton. When it comes in contact with the skin, it will form a capillary phenomenon, which is an extension of the skin. The natural breathability, hygroscopicity, refreshing and moisture removal of hemp makes it a free-breathing textile. It can reduce the human body's room temperature by 4-8°C at room temperature and is called "natural air-conditioning".

Features: Thick fiber, good air permeability, wear resistance, stable color, the most important fabric for high-end sofas.


The core yarn is made by twisting acrylic yarn or other chemical fiber as the raw material, and the feather yarn is made by cutting viscose yarn as the raw material into short feathers, which are processed into blended products, such as curtains, by a chenille machine.

Features: The use of chenille yarn gives home textile fabrics a thick feeling. It has the advantages of high-end luxury, soft hand feeling, plump suede and good drape.


The artificial silk is a polyester fiber filament that has undergone a special process and special finishing to make the fiber thinner and softer. It has the appearance, luster, and hand feeling similar to real silk. After finishing, the friction between the fiber and the fiber can also make the sound of silk. Commonly found in silk pajamas

Features: It is made of imported raw materials, with silk-like feel and gloss. It is a popular fabric in the past two years.