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How about the living room sofa

Update:25 Sep 2020

Easy to clean For us, sofas need to be used frequently, […]

Easy to clean
For us, sofas need to be used frequently, so we need to pay special attention to their cleanliness, because in the living room, many people like to lie on it, if the sofa is very dirty, it will affect Use, while the fabric sofa can be disassembled and cleaned well.
Many styles
Fabric sofas have many styles, color combinations, etc., which have more advantages than leather sofas, and fabric sofas can also be disassembled. Therefore, if you prepare multiple styles, you can replace them frequently. This is also the advantage and you can replace them frequently. Ensure that there will be no other problems.
The shape of the fabric sofa is very simple, which is very suitable for the living room with small space. Now the living space is very tight, so the area of ​​the living room is also very limited, so the size of the sofa is also very limited, while the fabric sofa is It fits these small living rooms well.
Easy to deform
In order to ensure the simple form of the fabric sofa, in the process of designing and making the fabric sofa, many other aspects are sacrificed for its simple form. For example, there will be a lot of sacrifices on the frame, and if the selected material is If there is a big defect in the degree of firmness, then there will be deformation.
Surface defects
Because the fabric sofa uses a cloth surface, there will be many problems. For example, its surface is very easy to get dirty, so it needs to be cleaned frequently, and the surface is also easy to wrinkle, and the problem of cloth shrinkage will occur. During cleaning, special attention is also required.
There are many advantages and disadvantages of fabric sofas, and for the choice, you need to choose these according to your own situation. For each family, there is a big gap in the choice of sofas, and fabric sofas have many characteristics, so There are many restrictions on the scope of application.

Living room cloth sofa price:
The subsequent classifications of fabric sofas include the number of seats, styles, brands, functions, etc., and their prices are also different depending on the above factors. Generally speaking, the price of a fabric sofa for three persons and a chaise is around 2,200-6,000 yuan. Of course, depending on the brand, workmanship, style, etc., there are fabric sofas worth tens of thousands or even tens of thousands.
The number of seats on the sofa includes single, double, three, sofa combination (including three seats + chaise seat, three seats + chaise seat + two single seats or + several movable stools).
How much is the price of fabric sofa-single seat
Generally speaking, a single seat sofa is around 400-1500 yuan, and there are minimalist lazy single sofas with prices as low as tens, and there are also single functional sofas with electric reclining fans like first-class cabins, as high as 2699-3999 And higher.
How much is the price of fabric sofa-double seat
Two-person sofas are mostly 1,000-2,500 yuan, and the price for simple shapes is as low as 600 or 700, and the prices for big brands, exquisite workmanship, and chaise seats or pedals are as high as 3699 and higher.
How much is the price of fabric sofa-sofa combination
The most common sofa combination is three seats + chaise longue, some can flexibly change 4 seats or 3+1 seats, 3 seats + 1 chaise longue + stool, etc. The price of the sofa combination is 2900-6000 Yuan is the most common. The price is as low as more than 1,500 yuan for a simple model and a single function. The price of a high-end sofa combination of a large brand that can be deformed and has a large number of seats is as high as tens of thousands of yuan.

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