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Feather sofa features introduction

Update:12 May 2021

Down sofas use feathers as sofa fillings, which are com […]

Down sofas use feathers as sofa fillings, which are comfortable and soft, and have little deformation after long-term use. The disadvantages are slow rebound and high cost. The daily care of the down sofa is divided into a cover that can be removed and washed, and the down bag can be washed and dry-cleaned. After washing, it can be air-dried in a ventilated place. Lightly tapping the down bag will make the down bag fluffy. For daily use, you can often pat the down to keep it fluffy. Unlike sponge and silk-cotton sofas, the production process of down sofas is quite complicated. The processing of down fillings alone requires raw wool inspection, water washing, centrifuge water spin, drying and disinfection, cooling, dust removal, hair separation, and wool mixing, etc. Multiple steps, each step has different technical standards. After that, the processed feathers are filled into the down bag, and then the wooden frame of the sofa is wrapped according to the principle of down sleeping bag, and the outer layer is then covered with a cloth jacket, thus forming a kind of comfort that can be taken apart and washed as well as sitting and lying. product. Compared with cotton sofas or sponge sofas, down sofas are comfortable to sit on, have less deformation after long-term use, and have a longer service life than ordinary sofas for several years.
In addition to fine workmanship and long service life, the down sofa conveys to people more of a natural, healthy and environmentally friendly life concept. In today's increasingly competitive society, what busy urbanites most yearn for is to get a natural and comfortable rest on their own sofa after a day’s exhaustion, and the emergence of down sofas has perfectly realized people Longing for a happy and comfortable furniture life. In addition to the natural, environmentally friendly and healthy inner material, the down sofa also follows the diversified design styles of the cloth sofa. Different styles of down sofas represent the different life tastes and ideas of contemporary people, and are the first choice for the living room of today's young and fashionable families. .

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