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Common types of fabrics in the market

Update:03 Jun 2021

Flannel, linen, cotton, wool, silk Linen cloth may be t […]

Flannel, linen, cotton, wool, silk
Linen cloth may be the most used fabric on the market now. It was originally called linen when it contains linen, but in fact, it is called linen cloth that has a similar hemp effect. Linen cloth or fabrics with relatively high hemp content are characterized by breathability, coolness, rough hand feeling, and prone to wrinkles.
This fabric is 100% polyester. Of course, polyester is also very expensive. This is a dyed cloth, completely solid color.
This fabric contains 15% hemp. Most of it is other man-made fibers, also known as hemp, which is woven with different thickness of yarns to have the feel of concave and convex particles.
Linen is the most wear-resistant natural fabric, but whole linen is easy to wrinkle, so other fibers are basically added to the upholstered fabric. In addition, the color fastness of linen is not high, so many brightly colored linen on the market often do not contain linen. . Note that this is not a factor in determining the price of cloth.
Look at the flannel. Flannel is divided by textile equipment. Warp knitted flannel, weft knitted flannel, shuttle loom flannel, and high-end flannel are usually woven. The characteristic of flannel is that it has a very good skin-friendliness, which can be touched by people, which is determined by the textile technology. The flannel has good abrasion resistance. If it is made of cotton, it has very good air permeability and is warm in winter and cool in summer. International high-end brands usually use cotton.
Woven ones are generally better at the back
There are many flannel fabrics. The soft bags of international brands that we see are usually 70%-100% cotton flannel, mainly without yin and yang surface (no down-fleece).
High-weight warp-knitted flannel can also achieve great results. This kind of flannel is suitable for light, luxurious and classical soft bags, and has a slightly matte leather texture.
Full PL warp knitted flannel
It may be more difficult to express the effect simply by looking at the fabric. It may be more appropriate to take a look at the actual product display. The pictures below are all high-quality products, not to distinguish between good and bad, just to show the effect.
Cotton flannel, the reflection of light is more even
The full PL warp knitted flannel has a certain fur feel, which is different from the fur feel of technical fabrics.
This kind of cheap feeling is very strong, it is the low-end flannel on the market, but not the lowest-end
The sense of value of flannel is basically easy to reflect from the actual product, and it has a strong sense of cheapness.
Let's look at cotton cloth, the application of woven cotton cloth is very extensive. Especially for export-oriented soft packaging factories, the amount of cotton cloth is very large, but in many cases, cotton cloth and linen cloth will be linked together, and the business will call it cotton and linen fabric. The cotton fabric is soft, has good air permeability, and can have a variety of colors. And almost no one is allergic to cotton. It is easy to clean without lint-free balls, but cotton cloth tends to shrink easily, and other fibers are usually mixed in.
Pure cotton fabrics have higher requirements for dyeing. High-quality cotton fabrics use natural dyes.
Use yarn-dyed two-tone cotton. To make a texture similar to wool, this kind of cotton fabric will look more advanced.
Cotton blending can also produce a wool-like effect.
It has excellent moisture absorption and breathability together with VI.
Several different colored yarns, cotton and fiber blended to make a fine linen texture.
Among the commonly used natural fibers, wool is the most elastic. In fact, it is the same as high-end clothing fabrics. High-end upholstered fabrics are also inseparable from wool. The unique texture of wool is difficult to be replaced by other fabrics.
The wool is easy to shed hair, and it will pierce the skin in summer, but it has a strong sense of value
The unique texture of woolen cloth is irreplaceable, very suitable for cold areas
Woolen fabrics have good warmth retention properties, but poor skin-friendliness. They are not suitable for contact with human skin and are suitable for cold areas. Friends in the south should not consider this fabric. It is really hot in summer. For those who like the texture of wool, consider woven blended wool.
Woven wool of different colors, you can see the fibers of the wool. Can improve pilling and hair loss. If PA is added, wear resistance can be improved
The addition of wool to VI can basically solve the problem of sticking, and it has a cool feeling.
The wool that joins VI is used in many high-end commercial spaces.
The last common natural material is silk. When there was no synthetic fiber, the velvet was made of real silk. The sofa was a noble product. The soft bag was also made of silk. The silk fabric was very comfortable. After embroidering, it can present a very noble visual effect. In addition to being expensive and intolerant Grinding has almost no disadvantages.
Silk velvet fabric
Fabrics that use more natural materials are not necessarily more expensive. Textile craftsmanship and market exclusivity can make certain products have extremely high premiums. The top raw materials often have a material monopoly, and advanced dyeing and textile processes also require a lot of research and development costs. These will ultimately be reflected in the price of finished fabrics.
Next, let's talk about synthetic fibers. In fact, among modern soft packaging products, synthetic fibers account for more than 70% of the market. Natural fibers can be degraded, most synthetic fibers are difficult to degrade, natural fibers are flammable, so many commercial spaces will use synthetic flame-retardant fabrics.
In the field of civilian upholstered sofas, the most common ones are polyester, acrylic and viscose
Most of the common fabrics in the market are Polyester, all kinds of cotton, linen, in fact, the real ingredients are mainly Polyester.
Acrylic is usually labeled with PolyAcrylic in the fabric composition, which is another big category. The characteristics of Acrylic are often used to make fabric products with a wool-like effect. Acrylic generally does not have the trouble of pilling and linting.
Viscose may not be familiar to everyone, but let's talk about its other name, the famous Modal. Everyone will understand. Although it is called viscose, it has nothing to do with glue. It is a kind of fiber extracted from natural wood cellulose, which has its own air-drying feeling. Viscose can still be regarded as a natural material in essence, with slightly less abrasion resistance. It is usually blended with other fibers. Can present a more advanced texture.
In addition, there are a lot of man-made fibers, but the amount is relatively small

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