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Basic knowledge of woven fabrics

Update:22 Jan 2021

Do you know woven fabrics? High-density fabrics in wove […]

Do you know woven fabrics?
High-density fabrics in woven fabrics have special requirements for yarns. For example, poplin with a large warp density has strict requirements on warp yarn strength and intermingling, and fine-staple cotton or part of long-staple cotton with long length, fineness, high strength and high grade should be selected; Corduroy has high requirements for the luster of the fabric, and fine-staple cotton or part of long-staple cotton with good color and luster should be used. Special attention should be paid to the regional difference of raw cotton and the difference in harvesting period to prevent color difference.
Most of the woven cotton fabrics need to undergo dyeing, bleaching or printing processes, and different dyeing and finishing processes have different requirements for the yarn used for their grey fabrics. Light-colored cloth requires less neps, and dark-colored cloth requires less white stars. Because the neps are made of twisted fibers, the structure is looser than the yarn, and it is easier to color. After dyeing, it will show dark spots, which will affect the appearance of light-colored cloth. Therefore, avoid choosing low-grade or late-grade cotton; white stars are caused by death. Fiber formation, although it is not easy to see on grey fabrics, it has poor color absorption and shows white spots after dyeing, which has an impact on the appearance of dark fabrics, especially for processing dark grey fabrics such as poplin, khaki, etc. , Avoid mixing immature fiber and stiff cotton when mixing cotton.
After bleaching the bleached cloth, most impurities and a small part of neps can be removed, and low-grade raw cotton can be used when mixing cotton. Most of the defects on the surface of the printed cloth can be concealed by the pattern, which is not easy to detect. You can choose the raw cotton of poor grade or mix some low-grade cotton and backspray.
There are half-line fabrics and full-line fabrics in woven fabrics. The warp and weft of the latter use strands. The strands are made of single yarns and twisted, and the twisted strands can improve the evenness and cover a part of the impurity defects, which is not easy to be revealed. The fiber strength utilization rate in the strands is higher than that of single yarns. Raw cotton with lower grade and lower strength than single yarn raw cotton can be used.

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